Audience ​​​​​​​Raves
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BRAVA AND BRAVO! ​​​​​​​What a pro show and what stunning music. The whole idea of it is brilliant. You have invented a new art form! Great script, great reading/acting. This is a must-see show and inspiring musical/theatrical experience."
John Snyder, four-time Grammy winner
I CANNOT REMEMBER A BETTER PERFORMANCE. If that performance is the last one I ever see, I will die fulfilled. The word extraordinary simply does not do it justice. 
Barry Nickelsberg, The Carter Center
GLORIOUS! The music of Astor Piazzolla is infectious; it tugs at your heart and very soul. The joy of hearing this music with world-class musicians was a very rare treat indeed. Thank you for one of the most uplifting, life-affirming and enjoyable performances I have attended in a very long time. 
Philip Greenberg, Artistic Director, Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra
OUTSTANDING BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. I loved it! I loved the music, the musicians were virtuosos and Lesley's performance incredible. She absolutely channels the composer, with whom I was not familiar, and am so glad I now am.  
Mary Ann C.
ONE OF THE BEST ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCES THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN. The musicians were outstanding and the lead actress/narrator (who also co-wrote the play) was superb. The performances revealed a depth of knowledge of the composer and his life and times, but also a profound love of his music.. This is rare. I hope they can take this message to a global audience.
​​​​​​​New York Audience Member
A FABULOUS EVENING. I've always enjoyed Piazzolla's music but never knew much about him or his motivations ... this show was a brilliant, well acted bio with astonishing musicians. My friends and I loved it and are still talking about it today ... bravo!
​​​​​​​New York Audience Member
A BEAUTIFUL, HEARTFELT AND INFORMATIVE PRESENTATION that spoke to the mind and the heart. We always loved his music but knew nothing about his life. Thank you all.
New York Audience Member
I​​​​​​​ NEVER EXPECTED SUCH A WONDERFUL AND POWERFUL CONCERT.  It is amazing and we enjoyed it very much.
​​​​​​​New York Audience Member